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        Mainly used for loading shovel loaders soil, sand, lime, coal and other bulk materials, but also on the ore, hard soil, etc. for mild shovel digging operations. Loader work through dress different auxiliary devices can also be bulldozing , lifting and other materials such as timber handling operations. Roads, especially in highway construction, engineering roadbed fill loader for digging,asphalt and cement concrete aggregate and stockyard operations such as loading, in addition also for pushing the soil, Calibrating the ground and pulling other machinery and other operations.

        In highway engineering, you can use the loader stripping topsoil, then the loader bucket should adopt the straight edge of the bucket, similar to the bulldozer work. For difficult shovel soil, in order to reduce drag shovel, steerable boom bucket fibrillation or shovel to change the angle slightly up and down, until the bucket is filled up; after closing bucket filled with material. The bucket give rise to the transport position, leaving the face, transported to the unloading place. This method is also used to collect sand, can be used for leveling the job site.

        3、鏟裝土堆  對二灰土基層的施工,常采用石拌穩定土,穩定土拌和時,可利用裝載機裝土堆。
        Two shovel mounds of construction dust grassroots, often using stone mix stabilized soil. When stabilized soil mixing, you can use the loader mounted mound.



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