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        首頁 >> 高卸王裝載機運動部件傷害如何防止?
        發布時間:2016-5-21 9:06:03    瀏覽:694次

        Where is easy to cause accident high unloading Wang loading machine moving parts shall be closed or shield, or take other avoid operator contact with protective measures, to operating personnel stand plane as a reference, where the

        height of less than 2m drive devices must be set protective device, highly in 2M above the material conveying device and a belt driving device protection device should be set up. 

        High discharge King loader to avoid extrusion injury, linear motion between components or linear motion and stationary components including the distance between walls and columns, must comply with the provisions of the relevant safety

        distance and mechanical design should be guaranteed by the through parts of the body can not. 

        High unloading King loader should be based on the need to set up a reliable limit device, mechanical equipment must be on the part of the damage due to overload overload insurance device. 

        High discharge King loading high-speed rotation of the moving part of a machine should be carried out the necessary static balance and dynamic balance test, collision inertia of moving parts must take reliable measures to cushion to prevent hurt accidents caused by inertia. 

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